Letters of Gratitude

Image Source: Pinterest

This Thanksgiving, I will be abroad, and therefore away from my family and friends, in a country that doesn’t celebrate the holiday. Because of this distance, I am unable to share a celebratory feast that would normally take place with my extended family. This had me thinking about what Thanksgiving is really about. It’s not about the meal itself but the sharing of the meal, as well as giving thanks for what you have in your life, for those closest to you, and for the ability to sit down together and share warm wishes.

So this Thanksgiving, I thought the best way to celebrate would be to write letters. I believe writing down the things you are grateful for in life is a good practice all year round, but in case you forget in daily practice, I recommend sitting down and writing out the things in your life that bring you joy, give you fulfillment, and make you stronger.

Whether this letter will be sent to friends or relatives or just kept for yourself, the act of writing down what you are grateful for can remind you of all the positives in your life and push you toward finding more of them.

You may address the letters to your loved ones, thanking them for their presence or impact on your life. You may write to them with updates on your life, and share how you have changed or learned things since you saw them last. You may write all the things you are grateful for. You might also inquire about their lives or experiences. The spreading of warmth and joy between those you care about and the world around you can provide a great deal of accomplishment and gratification. So this Thanksgiving, take some time to write some letters. You’ll be glad you did.