Let’s Make Our Hair Cooperate (For Once!)

Hair is something that everyone has a different experience with. Some people love their hair, some people are indifferent towards it, and some just downright hate it. However we may feel about it our hair, is a part of our outfit that is as important as the outfit itself! I am going to introduce three different hairstyles that are cute, stylish, and not that difficult to achieve.

The first style is the Front Twist. The first step will be to comb out your hair. Once you have done that the next thing you will do is create a deep side part. Once you have your hair parted you will now braid it, and for this you can do a regular braid or a cornrow type of braid.

When you are done with your braid you will secure the end of it and then tuck it to the side. Then fluff out your hair and you have a chic and sassy front twist hairstyle. This style can work with both curly and straight hair!

Photo from Allure

The next style that I will be introducing is the Wrapped Braid. To achieve this hairstyle, the first thing that you need to do is comb out your hair and gather it into a low ponytail. Once you have secured your ponytail you will start to plait your hair.

This look works extremely well with long hair, but if you find that your hair isn’t long enough you can use braiding hair (bought at a beauty shop) to extend your hair and braid length. If you are using braiding hair, you will continuously add in pieces of that hair into your natural hair, securing it in.

Once you have finished with your braid, you will then take a long piece of elastic, ribbon, or string and attach it to a bobby pin and secure that bobby pin near the top of your braid. Once the bobby pin is secured you will then wrap the elastic, ribbon, or string around your braid. When you reach the bottom, you will secure it with another bobby pin and rock your stylish look!

Photo from Allure

The last hairstyle is Braided Pigtails. The first step to this look is to part your hair straight down the middle. Once that is down you will now create two large braids on opposite sides of you head; cornrows usually work best. You won’t have the braids go all the way down, but stop them at about ear level and tie it off with a hair tie.

The last step is to add volume to your hair to create the perfect look. This style tends to work better with naturally curly hair, but you can curl your hair and give it some volume for this style to really pop!

Photo from Allure

If your hair is dry when doing any of these styles you can spray some water and leave-in conditioner to perk it back up. Yes, our hair is a temperamental part of our outfit, but when it looks good, we feel great!