Lessons in Colleen Hoover Books

Image source: offtheshelf.com

For the past few years, my favorite author has been Colleen Hoover. Although I am not a huge fan of romance novels, Hoover’s books always have a shocking plot twist that keeps readers engaged throughout the entire story. Another aspect of Hoover that I love is the life lessons that she implements in her books.

The first Hoover book I’ve read is It Ends With Us, and to this day, it is still my favorite book. Apart from the relatable characters and heart-wrenching plot, Colleen Hoover does an excellent job of teaching the reader about abusive relationships. Since I have been lucky enough to have never experienced an abusive relationship, I could not fully understand everything it entails. However, Hoover takes the reader on a journey with the main character as they fall in love with the love interest. The reader realizes the small red flags that later escalate into bigger issues and is reluctant to accept that the love interest they fell in love with early on is abusive.  By reading It Ends With Us, I was able to understand why it can sometimes be difficult to leave an abusive relationship and saw the importance of having friends to lean on and standing up for yourself. I learned how to be more confident in myself and to never make excuses for someone’s behavior.

Another one of my favorite Hoover books, Confess, taught me many lessons about life and love. The biggest takeaway was that many people will try to take advantage of your fears and insecurities, and it is your job to learn how to navigate through that and defend yourself. It was very rewarding to see the main character go from being afraid of those who were manipulating her to standing up for herself. Confess also taught me the importance of fighting for the people you love and that sometimes love isn’t enough to overcome all obstacles.

For those who haven’t read Colleen Hoover’s books, I highly recommend them. Her books have taught me many valuable lessons that I use throughout my life.