Review: Leave Em Alone

Image Source: SoundCloud

“Leave Em Alone”, by Layton Greene with Lil Baby and City Girls, featuring PnB Rock, is an underrated r&b song—or should I say, rendition of Ciara’s “Can’t Leave Em Alone”. It has just enough groove and bounce met with modern rap. It has a beautiful blend of Greene’s silky voice, City Girls’ clapping and PnB Rock and Lil Baby’s signature voices. The combination of a steady drum beat, piano and the production provides a unique yet chill groove.

The song itself speaks about a relationship where the guy and the girl are into each other. The girl is deliberately trying to flirt with him when she “made him ice out my neck and the wrist too” but at the same time, is attempting to get over him. She keeps getting roped back into liking him because “he already know what I’m into, he be reading my mind like it’s simple, got him banging my line like it’s his too”. The guy just wants to get with her by asking, “why you tryna leave me alone?” The lyrics show the inevitability of an adorable relationship waiting to spark.

Although some may dislike the song due to the prevalence of the sample, I still believe that this song could have easily been a summer bop if it had been marketed better. Regardless, I would recommend everyone to give both “Leave Em Alone” by Layton Greene and “Can’t Leave Em Alone” by Ciara a listen.