“LA”Bron Finally Has Become a Reality

Image Source: LA Lakers

As the free agency for the NBA kicked off on June 30, all the eyes were on LeBron and where he would decide to go for next year. The biggest move that had happened prior to LeBron’s move was Paul George’s decision to remain in OKC. This had worried Laker fans because the thought of having Paul George in LA was erased; fortunately, LeBron didn’t let Paul’s decision influence him too much because he has still ended up signing a 4 year/$153.3 million deal with the Lakers.

This was the third time LeBron had made a major decision. First time was when he left Cleveland to Miami and then he returned from Miami back to Cleveland. Now he is in the western conference, where most of the talent is located; the 7 current MVP’s are all in the West, and this might persuade the executives of the NBA to possibly change the playoff formatting.

On the other hand, Las Vegas has displayed the teams with the best odds to win the 2019 NBA championship; the display had the Warriors with the highest odds, but tied at second place were the Lakers and the Celtics. It seems that the NBA as a whole appreciates it when the Lakers are relevant.

Overall, the East did lose talent but the NBA got more exciting–and it is only the offseason. There is still some more moves to be made, but the biggest bomb has already been dropped.