Korean Culture Podcast

Image source: Spi

 A podcast is a combination of ‘pods’ on an iPod and ‘cast’ on a broadcast. We often listen to podcasts when we’re on the go, driving, and having free time. There are many kinds of content, such as comedy, history, travel, books, etc., and our tastes are also very diverse. If you are curious and want to know about the new hidden podcast channels in other countries and cultures, then this article will help you a lot. 

 This article introduces Korean podcast culture and one famous podcast channel. “Kim Ji-yoon’s Knowledge Play” is a program hosted by a Korean political commentator. As the name suggests, you can hear about a lot of knowledge, especially in areas such as history, humanities, movies, music, and American politics. The most popular main content is American history. You can access various global political and economic issues, drinking culture, social issues such as homelessness and drugs, and elections. It will be a good channel if you want to learn Korean and understand America based on other countries’ perspectives. 

 Podcast media is not popular in Korea. There may be many reasons for that, but the main reason, in particular, is that the percentage of people who drive is small. College students and office workers prefer video media over voice media because they usually use public transportation. That’s why people often listen to podcasts when they’re driving or doing other things. 

 We have a lot of visual media such as YouTube, Netflix, and many movies that use various and fancy visual effects such as 3D and 4D movies, and we are already used to visual media a lot in the modern era. In such a situation, podcasts that can mainly stimulate voice are classic but attractive. You can also learn and experience various cultural things on voice media!