Kitchen Organization Tips

Image via Country Living

I’ve always found organization very satisfying. Recently, though, I’ve gotten more into kitchen organizational videos and Tik Toks. Teresa Laura Caruso and Catherine Benson are two of my favorite organizational Tik Tokers that you should definitely check out if you like this style of video or want inspiration for your own home.

Teresa’s videos are all about home decoration, organization hacks, and discussing her favorite Amazon products. Her aesthetic is amazing, and the recommendations are very useful!

Catherine’s videos consist of cleaning her home, restocking her fridge, and showing fun gadgets or products. Her videos have really motivated me to make everything in my kitchen have its own place. Therefore, your pantry, refrigerator, drawers, and cupboards are always organized and clean.

I also really love when people take their foods or products and put them in more aesthetically pleasing bins or containers. For example, putting your flour or sugar on the kitchen counter in a nice jar changes the look of the product for a more clean look. Another example is taking your fruit and veggies from their original plastic containers and washing them before placing them in the fridge. Not only does it all look fresh, but it allows for fruit and veggies to be more convenient. Therefore, you’ll reach for healthier snacks during the day.

I hope that this article inspires and motivates you to clean out or declutter and organize your space, because it always helps make a place feel better and you happier. I also hope you like these two Tik Tokers as much as I do!