Khan Academy and LinkedIn Learning

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Over the years, I have found it very helpful to have resources to go to when I am stuck on a certain topic or homework assignment in school. Two websites that have helped me tremendously are Khan Academy and LinkedIn Learning. Both of these websites use informational videos and practice tests to teach a variety of different topics in all different subjects. Whether you are stuck on homework or want to learn something new, I would recommend everyone to use these websites.

I started using Khan Academy when I was in middle school and confused about my trigonometry homework. Khan Academy allows you to search up any topic you would like and gives videos, articles, and questions for that topic. For instance, if I am confused about a certain topic in chemistry, I will search up that topic in the search bar, then watch the videos related to what I am learning in class. The videos go through practice problems and explain real-life examples as well. Also, there is a chat section where you can ask questions and get a response from other Khan Academy users. These videos go into a lot of depth which is very helpful if you are confused on a certain subject.

Secondly, LinkedIn Learning is a very helpful resource, especially if you want to learn a new subject. Before college started, I wanted to learn how to use Microsoft Excel since I had rarely used that program in high school and wanted some basic knowledge. I found a 20 hour Microsoft Excel course, and it was very beneficial. The course took me through a variety of videos and practice quizzes after each topic. There were also courses for beginners, intermediate, and advanced Microsoft Excel users. Although I have only done the beginner course, I am planning to do the others as well. LinkedIn Learning has courses in all different subjects, so you can learn any topic you are interested in. Additionally, your LinkedIn profile will also include the LinkedIn Learning courses you have taken, so employers and companies can see what you have learned through that platform.