Keeping Your Bedroom Organized

Image Source: Organized Living

We all have those moments of total disgust as we walk into our bedrooms and realize the number of things that litter the floor, bed and chairs. Even if you’ve always been an organized person and have never seen a messy room in your life, let me tell you, we all have things hidden away in boxes or tucked above a shelf that we really don’t need. That’s why to really stay organized, it’s important to take everything out to then be able to start again.

Have you ever heard of the KonMari Method? It is great! Maybe the name doesn’t sound familiar but there’s a Netflix series by Marie Kondo, the owner of this method, that helps people clean their homes and get rid of unnecessary things.

Her method states that you must:

  • Dedicate a certain amount of time to tidying everything instead of simply cleaning one thing and forgetting about everything else
  • Then you must visualize the destination
  • Determine if items “spark joy”
  • Clean by category, not location
  • Tidy in order

Her order is specific, yes, but it works. First you begin with clothes, laying all of them on your bed and asking yourself if each item brings you joy. Then you move on to books, paper, miscellaneous items, and lastly, the sentimental ones.

If you’ve been looking for an excuse to declutter then I recommend watching this show. And now that school is coming to an end and the holidays are among us, it is the perfect time to tidy!