Keeping Things Interesting

Image source: Depositphotos

Right now, it’s more important than ever to have some variation in our lives to keep from getting bored and losing interest in daily life. I know several people that feel like they’re living the same day over and over again during this lockdown, and I have felt the same way at times. Doing even one thing a little differently every day can be a big help. 

One of the first things I recommend is to not eat the same thing for meals every day.  I don’t mean eat entirely different things each day, but instead change up how you prepare them. Scrambled eggs for breakfast one day? Try some kind of egg sandwich or fried eggs the next, or if you use tofu instead of eggs (which I do sometimes), use different recipes each time. Try to space out the kinds of meals you have, if possible. I know this is difficult given the circumstances right now, but if you do this, I would say try it and see if it makes a difference in your mood.

If you have an exercise routine, vary the routine a bit. Slightly change the route you walk on each time you go (it doesn’t have to be farther), introduce new exercises one at a time, and if you listen to music while you work out, switch which kind of music you listen to each time.

If possible, alternate the spaces you use for online classes. Do one day in your bedroom, another in your living room, or even one outside. This suggestion may be more difficult given that many of us live with other people, but if you can do it, I highly recommend it.  

One of the biggest things in terms of keeping your routine a bit varied is related to studying: switch subjects once in a while instead of spending hours on one specific thing. This allows you to go back to the subject with a fresh mind on the material. Remember to take breaks!

It’s hard for many of us to stay interested and motivated in many aspects right now.  While there may not be huge things you can do to “shake things up,” there are still several little things that can make a big difference.