Justice for Thanksgiving Entertainment!

Ask anyone what their favorite Christmas song is or the romantic comedy they always play on Valentine’s Day, and they’ll have no trouble telling you. In fact, they probably have a few “go-to’s” to share. But when it comes to Thanksgiving, the options for themed media are sparse– and that’s putting it generously. 

Still, it’s possible to enjoy the season through song, film, and literature if you know where to look. Since Thanksgiving is all about gratitude, family, and counting your blessings, all you have to do is find feel-good content with those same themes. To get you started on your search for one last Turkey Day hurrah, take a look at these suggestions: 

Music: “The Thanksgiving Song” by Ben Rector and “Thanksgiving Theme” by Vince Guaraldi Trio. The former was written because the artist was upset about the lack of music for the day and wanted to release something about the nostalgia of going home and the classic scenes one sees when family gathers around the table. 

Image Source: Spotify

The latter is best known for its appearance in “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving” and is a simple yet recognizable jingle to throw on in the background of any conversation. It’s also part of a larger soundtrack that creates a fun, jazz ambiance to put on shuffle. 

Image Source: Spotify

https://open.spotify.com/track/4niaGo0WSRCwEnEWd4FOg4 Movies: For G-rated content, throw on the animated classic, “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving.” It’s only 30 minutes, but can provide a distraction for everyone while the potatoes finish cooking and the pie cools.

Image Source: IMDb

You’ve Got Mail starring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan features a couple of Thanksgiving scenes and has a perfect amount of romance to boot. There is nothing better than watching the classic rom-com duo take on a business rivalry and true love. 

Image Source: IMDb

A newer film, but one that entertained all who watched it on Netflix, is Holidate. They took the concept of bringing someone home for the holidays seriously and created a hilariously sweet setup for love. 

Image Source: IMDb

Books: Cozy mysteries are most definitely in theme for the fall and can inspire you to throw a plaid coat on and solve a murder. Though not necessarily focused on good feelings and perfect happy endings, you can’t deny the element of family in many a good mystery. Find something Agatha Christie and settle in with some leftovers! 

Image Source: The New York Times

A more recent release brings a book with inspiration from Agatha Christie and Clue! The Plot and Pendulum takes place in an old estate and stars a librarian detective. What could be better than that?

Image Source: Penguin Random House

No matter which form of entertainment you choose to elevate your holiday experience, I hope it works up an appetite for a meal with those you love and a grateful heart. Happy Thanksgiving!