July 4th Dreamin’

Image Source: Jasmine Liu

There’s something about the fourth of July that brings the true bliss of summer to life. The cool summer breeze blowing in your hair, the refreshing watermelon being served every minute, and the beautiful sight of sparkling fireworks brings the magic, and for a day, everyone is relaxed lounging by the water or in the comfort of their own backyard.

Ever since hearing the line “We are on an island on the fourth of July” in the song “The General Specific” by the “Band of Horses”, I’ve had the dream to do just that. Spend a July 4th on an island! I’m not sure where that passion and excitement came from but I’m truly enlightened to embark on the island.

I’m going to be spending it on a breathtakingly gorgeous island off of New Hampshire called, Star Island.

My sweet East coast pals, Hayley and Katie will be showing me around and I couldn’t be more pumped. We said goodbye in Italy while we were abroad and now we are reuniting. Perhaps it could become a tradition!

As I get older, I value the people I meet so much more and so I guess the dream is even better now that I have some of my best friends with me on this dream trip.

Have a blast this July 4th! Eat a lot of your favorite foods and enjoy the fireworks with your loved ones!