Job Interview Outfits!

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With summer around the corner, many young adults are on the lookout for summer jobs. Whether you’re applying to work at a local restaurant or interning at a prestigious law firm, the interview process is crucial, and your appearance can make a difference in landing the job. So what should you keep in mind when choosing your outfit?

#1 Dress for the job

While you should always err on the side of looking professional, keep the company in mind when choosing your outfit. For a traditional office setting, a blazer and dress pants, or a skirt, are usually a safe bet. However, if you’re applying to a creative industry or a more relaxed workplace, you can show a bit more personality with your outfit. For example, if you are applying to work at an art studio, wear bright colors or a fun print. First impressions matter, so put time and effort into your appearance!

#2 Be comfortable 

Yes, it is important to look professional, but being comfortable is equally as important. While fidgeting with your ill-fitting outfit, you are missing out on what the employer is saying and may look distracted. To avoid this, try your outfit on ahead of time and make sure you are comfortable standing, sitting, and wearing the material for an extended period of time. 

#3 Pay attention to the details

Once you figure out what to wear, take a closer look in the mirror to ensure everything looks presentable. An outfit loses its impact if it is full of wrinkles and deodorant stains! Take the extra few seconds to ensure everything is in order; you won’t regret it! 

By keeping these tips in mind, you will look confident and professional during your next job interview. Good luck!