Jingle Your Bells to These Underrated Christmas Songs

Image Source: Pinterest

It’s the most wonDEERful time of year! While this JOLLY HOLLYday is usually spent with loved ones, setting the festive mood to ring in the holiday spirit is just as important. The process of hanging up the lights, positioning the Elf on the shelf, pouring yourself a nice, sweet cup of hot chocolate, and decorating the tree all seem like a chore unless you’ve set a cheery mood with an unBELLievably-good Christmas playlist.

While Michael Bublé’s Christmas album (2011) and Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You” tend to be the popular picks to use as the ornamental Christmas tree topper, you’ll FIR sure be second-guessing your choice when I PRESENT to you these underrated Christmas songs. There’s SNOW way you won’t have a new favorite Christmas song while listening to these tunes that make you feel like you’re staring in your own cheesy, SANTAmental Hallmark Christmas film:

TREEt YULEself to some more Christmas cheer with this Christmas playlist here! 🎶🎁🎄✨