“Jane the Virgin” Keeps You Coming Back For More!

Inhala… exhala… 23 year old Jane was just met with a positive pregnancy test; the only issue is, well, she’s a virgin! This CW telenovela takes off when Jane Gloriana Villanueva is accidentally artificially inseminated. This intense show is one that will be eaten up as quickly as Jane devours her abuela’s grilled cheeses. There is never a dull moment in this drama series. With an abundance of cheesy romance, elaborate sets, and flamboyant characters, Jane the Virgin will steal your heart. 

This show is extremely plot heavy; with constant twists and jaw-dropping revelations, the audience’s intrigue is perpetually peaked. This show aims to parallel an actual telenovela, therefore there are a lot of  cliché elements to it. I do believe that these elements ultimately add to the charm of the show.

In addition to the engaging plot, the visuals of this show are very alluring. The aesthetics are so consitest, and beautifully committed to, throughout the duration of the show. The sets and costumes also heavily reflect the Latino culture that’s a big part of the show.

Jane the Virgin will make you swoon, gasp, cry, and shriek.