It’s Pride Month! Where Do We Celebrate?

Image Source: NBC News

Happy Pride, everyone! Pride Month is upon us, and this month is all about having fun and celebrating you and the LGBTQIA+ community! The fun started at the beginning of June, and we are about halfway through! 

There are tons of things to do throughout cities to celebrate Pride all month long! It’s a great opportunity to dance, meet new people, have a great time with friends, and try amazing foods and drinks! Major cities like Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, and D.C. are all jumping in on the celebration! 

Kicking off the celebration is our nation’s capital Washington, D.C.! The march began on June 10th and lasted all day long! Filled with merchandise, dancing, and performances, the march was a great way to meet others and let loose! Although the march has already passed, the DMV (D.C., Maryland, Virginia) does not plan to stop celebrating! Throughout the June weekends, there will be brunches at fun D.C. spots like Perry’s and Monarch, as well as events at bars like Nellie’s and KiKi’s! Along with D.C. is Baltimore’s Pride Parade on the 24th, filled with parties, food, and good times! 

New York City is also hosting one of the biggest pride events in the country on June 25th! Starting off the day at 12 p.m., the NYC Pride March begins from 25th Street to 5th Avenue. The march is filled with music, dancing, and fun! Along with the march, we can expect speeches and appearances from NYC Pride’s Grand Marshals Billy Porter, AC Dumlao, Randy Wicker, Yasmin Benoit, and Hope Giselle.

Following that at 2 p.m. is the annual celebration of Bliss Days, which is a celebration of LGBTQIA+ women! Starting around the same time is Christina Aguilera headlining New York City’s Pride at The Terminal Venue! Throughout all the celebrations, you can find a lot of bars and restaurants filled with the same fun-filled energy!

Another city that is joining in on the celebration is San Francisco on June 24th and June 25th. Starting at noon, the annual march will take place, as well as performances at the seven stages reserved! With performances from artists like Hayley Kiyoko, games all over the block, food, and drinks, it is sure to be a great time! 

I joined D.C.’s pride event for the second time, and I met so many amazing people, danced with my friends, and tried some amazing food! I would definitely recommend going to a Pride event, whether it be a march, a brunch, or a poetry slam! There are tons to do and many ways to show your support for the LGBTQIA+ community!

Here are some events happening below!

Washington, D.C. 

New York, NY

San Francisco, CA

Other Major Cities!