It Ends With Us

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In 2019, actor, director, and filmmaker Justin Baldoni posted on Instagram announcing that his company, Wayfarer Entertainment, was going to be adapting Colleen Hoover’s book It Ends with Us into a movie. Baldoni is most known for his role as Rafael in Jane the Virgin and his films Five Feet Apart and Clouds. Although there is no release date yet as of May 2021, Baldoni and Hoover said that they will start the process of creating this movie soon.

It Ends with Us is a beautiful contemporary romance that focuses on the story of Lily, a young woman who grew up in an abusive household. She spent her childhood watching her father beat up her mother. During this time, she also came across a homeless boy around her age, Atlas, living in a shed next to her house. She takes care of him, and during the months they spend together, they fall in love. However, Atlas has to move, and Lily has not communicated with him since.

The book takes place when Lily is an adult and starting a floral shop with her friend. She meets Ryle, a neurosurgeon, who she starts to date. The reader watches Lily fall in love with Ryle, and how their relationship endures many hardships. About halfway through the book, Lily reunites with Atlas at a restaurant. This reunion causes tension between Lily and Ryle, and the reader can see the differences between her relationship with Ryle and her relationship with Atlas. The book covers the goods and bads of abusive relationships and shows the parts of these relationships that many people might not understand if they have not been through it themselves.

Although there have been no announcements about the release date for this movie, many people believe it will come out within the next one to two years. I am very excited for this movie, since the book exceeded all my expectations. I hope everyone watches It Ends with Us when it comes out as well.

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