Investigating Positivity

Image Source: Pixabay

What is positivity? When it comes to that proverbial glass half full, positivity is not denying the fact that you have less water than you need. Instead, positivity is the perspective and action that comes after one recognizes their need.

Personally, I think a lot of times people treat positivity as a personality trait, such as having a sense of humor or being down-to-earth. However, true positivity is not a passive existence of a sunny attitude; at its best, positivity is an active choice to cultivate a potential future. If a growth mindset looks inward for improvement, positivity looks outward to see where one can contribute to a better society. For example, think of a problem you have faced. How did you respond? Did you imagine how you hoped the conflict would resolve? What actions did you take? 

Anyone and everyone can be positive. Let me be clear: positivity does not change reality, nor is it the absence of anger, sadness or doubt. Rather, it is a tool which individuals and groups use to shine a light forward. Positivity is making the choice to learn and move forward—in whatever action you choose.