Interview with Los Angeles Writer Franki Elliot

Los Angeles is known as the place of musicians, actors and writers. In Los Angeles,
people find themselves, lose themselves and sometimes even find themselves in others.

Writer Franki Elliot came into popularity because of her poetry street project. She writes
and hides her poems all around Los Angeles for the lonely soul to find. She also performs at
local venues— which is where she has been discovered by most of her fan base. Elliot has a few
published pieces such as “Stories for People Who Hate Love” (2018), “Piano Rats” and “Kiss as
Many Women as You Can”.

She recently had a published story on the well-known website called Vice. Elliot said that
this piece was the one that defined her the most: “The story is told from two points of view: my
point of view as an adult looking back at life as a child and my mother’s point of view, which I
pulled almost word for word from a letter she once wrote me. It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever
written and shared but also the most important.”

Being a writer means having to be vulnerable and letting your readers enter your mind.
Elliot, being one of those writers who write from the heart, believes that one should “never
censor their work out of fear of who will read it. It’s a disservice to you and to the reader.”
With Elliot having a book titled “Stories for People Who Hate Love,” she is often
questioned on how she truly feels about love.

“Despite myself deprecation or cold hearted romantic themes, I love falling in love and I
love the idea of falling in love,” Elliot said. “Though I haven’t been in love in a long time, I’m
happy to have stumbled upon different kinds of love in the meantime. Love of my friends, loving
someone for their art or music, loving a moment or experience, loving my brother and sisters or
falling in love for hours or days or weeks at a time while traveling. I will always be seeking that
ultimate, unconditional love and safety with another person, but in the meantime I’m having fun
making mistakes and exploring micro-romances.”

Franki Elliot

Being in a city full of moving people, one does start to wonder when the time will be to
sit down and want to look for love. Los Angeles is known as the city of stars, the city of dreams,
and the city of reality, but when will it be the city of love?