Intellectual Property

Image Source: @waterparks on Instagram

Looking for some new music? Waterparks, a pop-punk band from Houston, Texas, is releasing their new album, Intellectual Property, this April. This band single-handedly caused me to re-enter my emo phase and has been on repeat since I found out about them at the beginning of last year. Something that really drew me to this band was that they seem to have album eras–which include the lead singer, Awsten Knight, dying his hair to match the era. Awsten is accompanied in the band by Geoff Wigington, the lead guitarist, and Otto Wood, drummer. The band was formed in 2011 and has three EPs and four albums out, meaning Intellectual Property will be their fifth official album when it’s released on April 14th. 

The album will feature 11 songs and will be accompanied by a tour starting April 28th. Within the past year, the band has released five singles from the album: “FUNERAL GREY,” “SELF-SABOTAGE,” “LOVE ABOUT IT (feat. Blackbear),” “REALSUPERDARK,” and my personal favorite that was recently released, “BRAINWASHED.” The tour is set to have four openers, with one confirmed to be the band Hunny, and is set to have 32 shows that will go until June 14th. Waterparks recently toured with My Chemical Romance and participated in the Sad Summer Fest during the summer of 2022. Waterparks is honestly one of my favorite bands; the lyrics and musical composition of their songs never fail to leave me absolutely speechless. Their songs are perfectly crafted, and each one is better than the last. The transitions between songs in their last album, Greatest Hits, and the pure emotion heard in their album FANDOM are enough to make anyone a fan. In my opinion, there are no words that could do this band justice, so if you are looking for a new band to listen to, I truly could not recommend a better band than Waterparks.