Inclusivity for a Stronger Nation

Image Source: Salud America

Celebrated from September 15 to October 15, National Hispanic Heritage Month exists to underscore the importance of the Hispanic and Latino community in the United States. For 2022, the theme is “Unidos: Inclusivity for a Stronger Nation,” which stands to show that the diversity of the community is a strength that cannot be denied. The Hispanic and Latino community has had countless contributions to the nation’s culture and economy, propelled by a sense of connection despite various differences in origins, dialects, traditions, and more.

The theme of 2022’s National Hispanic Heritage Month highlights the importance of diversity, showing that it is not a hindrance but instead a strength of the community. Throughout the month, various organizations have reminded everyone that diversity symbolizes how far the community has come since the beginning, adding what must be done in the future to continue to promote equity, inclusion, and accessibility.

Why is the celebration of National Hispanic Heritage Month important, not just for the Hispanic and Latino community, but for the rest of the nation as well? For one, the community is an integral part of the larger American community, and as a nation, we should support one another to foster a loving and inclusive environment. It is important to celebrate the histories, cultures, and contributions made by our ancestors, who helped shape the country into what it is today; therefore, all Americans should join hands to celebrate this greatly important month.

There are many ways that this heritage month is being celebrated, including festivals, panel discussions, art galleries, concerts, book signings, and more. The wide variety of events being held shows the range of ways that the Hispanic and Latino community has impacted the nation. By celebrating diversity in a number of ways, Americans take inclusivity to the next level and build a stronger nation together.