In This Month: The Beatles in August

The month of August holds a lot of historic sentiment for the timeless band, The Beatles.

To begin their historical moments that took place during this month, in August of 1962, just 5 years after the three members John Lennon, Paul McCartney and George Harrison met, they had made an executive decision to kick out Pete Best, the original drummer, from their band.  Immediately after this took place, Lennon called up the currently touring Ringo Starr and asked him to be a part of their band, and only three days later Ringo took the place as the group’s fourth and final member; thus the iconic quartet had been born.

His presence in the band was integral and this proved to be true just three years later when they traveled to New York City and taped their infamous appearance on The CBS ‘Ed Sullivan Show’.  After this live television performance, began a nine-week long number one spot on the UK charts for their fifth studio album ‘Help!’.

It is always so great to look back on the milestone events and changes that make all the difference in the long run, and we can appreciate the month of August for holding heavy meaning for the evergreen impact that The Beatles have on this world.