In This Month: Literature in August

Literature has been and always will be an important part of life. Whether you are a reader or a writer, there is always something for everyone. This month in 2019, there were plenty of events to engage readers and writers of all kinds.

The National Book Club Conference in Georgia, the Soulful Chicago Book Fair, and the Leimert Village Book Fair in Los Angeles are three events that took place in August 2019 that focused specifically on Black literature, taking pride in the celebration of their culture and bringing attention to more-than-deserving authors.

The Rocky Mountain Book and Paper Fair in Colorado has its own specific theme, centering on rare and antique books. The August 2019 festival focused specifically on the genre of mystery, bringing in authors, guest speakers, and fans from everywhere.

Venturing away from the domestic, the Beijing International Book Fair brings guests from all countries to their festival. In August 2019, the fair included professional events, illustration exhibits, and a festival dedicated specifically to children’s books.

As you can see, there are always ways to engage with literature. The next time you have the chance to go to a book festival, take it! You never know where you might find your next favorite book.