In This Month: August of 1944

It can be very interesting to find out what has happened in the past and even more when it happened during the same day or month we’re currently in. I came across an article in HISTORY that stated that Anne Frank wrote her last diary entry on August 1, 1944. It is mind-blowing that Anne Frank was writing in her diary for the last time and just starting to experience all the hardships we now know she endured all those years ago. It is even more interesting that we can now look back and say that this diary is one of the most famous books in history. Getting to look back and learn about all the different events that happen during the month of August takes you back to the past and makes you imagine everything those people must have felt, making everything that much more real. Sometimes it can be easy to dissociate from events that we never experienced and lived through, but reading through “On this day” history makes all different kinds of events come back to life. 

I encourage you to look through the different websites that include this feature such as or and find out what happened in history on any given day.