If You Were a Fan of Divergent…

Image Source: GoodReads

Something I’ve learned over the years is that receiving book recommendations is much more personal than one might assume. Whether we know it or not, our favorite books (especially those that withstand the test of time) become a fixture in our minds and hearts in a way that is almost permanent. Knowing how precious my favorites are to me, I take it very seriously when a friend hands me a novel and raves about how much they loved it. It is very cool to see a glimpse inside someone’s brain and heart!

A recommendation I received recently was Glitch by Heather Anastasiu. Knowing it was one of my friend’s old favorites and the very first dystopian favorite at that, I couldn’t resist. 

In a futuristic and subterranean world called the Community, people are made emotionless, thoughtless, and obedient thanks to their connection to something called the Link. A small and simple piece of hardware is implanted into the brain, which aims to make citizens efficient and compliant to the order and peace the higher-ups maintain. Unfortunately for those in charge, Zoel experiences glitches that make her temporarily immune to the Link technology, opening up previously unreachable emotions as well as strange new powers. As a teenage girl who feels lost in the unfeeling ways of her family and the Community, it is difficult to bear the burden of her experiences and maintain a sense of normalcy at school. She’s not alone, however; she soon meets others like her and within the glitches, finds a purpose in defying the laws of the Community. 

In the midst of covertly battling her enemies, Zoel must also face manipulation from those closest to her, the pressure of clandestine operations, and the discovery of what it means to love. Will she find her footing as an individual while fighting against forces that want to keep her in a box? Can she truly trust the people by her side? 

This being a YA novel, my inner thirteen-year-old was thrilled as I  became wrapped up in the love triangle, technology, and rebellion of the story. You may have heard this phrase before, but if you were a fan of Matched or Divergent, then you can expect to enjoy Glitch. Because it was published in 2012 and falls within the specific style of a dystopian series, I would caution you not to expect a lofty or challenging read. Instead, I recommend this book for the sake of remembering what it was to be a young teen getting lost in another world to take a break from the real one. If you find yourself hooked, there is a sequel called Override! 

I am glad I was recommended this novel as it gave me the experience of sharing a book with a friend and remembering the genre I have loved for many years. What special book would you recommend to a friend?