Ideas for Beach Days

Image source: Best Beach Gear

It’s that time of the year again. Warm weather and no school. What better way to spend your summer break than at the beach? In case you’re looking for some inspiration for what to do at your next beach day, here are just a few ideas:

Tan. It’s always nice to lay out on the sand and enjoy life. Be sure to apply a considerable amount of sunscreen (nobody enjoys turning into a lobster), then lay on your towel and relax. Bring a boombox or headphones and listen to music. Perhaps, listen to a Spotify playlist specifically revolving around beachy vibes and summer time. On the other hand, you can take a long, nice nap! Enjoy yourself while your skin darkens and your hair lightens, giving you that classic sun kissed beach look. 

Boogie board. When I was younger, my friends and I loved bringing boogie boards to the beach. We would go into the water, wait for waves to come, then plop onto our board and ride the wave towards the shore. It’s such a fun way to play in the water! 

Go surfing. Were you raised in surf camp? Have you ever tried to stand up on a board? If not, this is your time to shine. Take a surf class, or go with a friend whose willing to show you the ropes. Enjoy!

Read or write. The beach can be an awesome spot to read a good book, or, depending on your interests, write one. Bring your diary, poetry, or anything creative you enjoy doing. This can be therapeutic, calming, and productive.

Jog. Looking to exercise with a nice scenery? Keep things interesting by taking a jog by the shore. Instead of running on a treadmill, you can enjoy the cool breeze and beautiful location down on the beach.

Play volleyball. Playing a great game of beach volleyball is a classic way to get your friends together. Not only will you enjoy each other’s company, but you’ll also get an awesome workout. 

Whether you decide to spend time with friends and family, or have quality time alone, enjoy the beach this summer!