How Zendaya is Taking Over the Music Industry

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From starting her first major role in Disney Channel’s Shake It Up, to landing big-time roles in Euphoria, Zendaya has become a well-known actor since the start of her career. Even though she started out on Disney Channel, she was able to free herself of the child star stereotype in the industry and make a name for herself as a professional actor with an abundance of potential. 

In honor of Women’s History Month, I wanted to share some of the roles that Zendaya has played throughout her acting career to highlight how much her acting and her roles have matured over time. The seriousness of Zendaya’s recent roles truly show how amazing of an actress she is and how her work deserves to be praised. She is able to portray a variety of different personas in a believable and realistic way, so she deserves to be honored during Women’s History Month as an extraordinary woman with lots of talent!

  1. Shake It Up (2010) as Rocky Blue

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  2. K.C. Undercover (2015) as K.C. Cooper

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  3. The Greatest Showman (2017) as Anne Wheeler

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  4. Euphoria (2019) as Rue Bennett

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  5. Malcom & Marie (2021) as Marie

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