How to Style a Cozy and Cute Thanksgiving Day Outfit

It’s hard to believe that there is only a week left until Thanksgiving! While I love sprucing up my outfit for the holiday season, I also like to be comfortable, especially since I’ll be eating lots of delicious food! Read on to see some easy outfits that will ensure a cute yet cozy ensemble that’s perfect for a day of indulgence!

Photo from Elizabeth Tran
  1. Turtleneck + Midi Skirt

It’s been getting pretty chilly lately, and when the weather cools down, I love reaching for my favorite turtlenecks! Rather than just styling my sweaters with a pair of jeans, I like to wear my turtlenecks with a midi skirt, especially on special occasions, since the skirt helps to elevate the whole look. Another big plus: the elastic waistband makes midi skirts the perfect choice for the holidays since you can eat to your heart’s content without feeling constrained or uncomfortable in tighter, more form-fitting clothes.

Photo from Elizabeth Tran
  1. Sweater Dress + Leggings

Another one of my favorite Thanksgiving ensembles is a sweater-dress and leggings combination. To maximize comfort, opt for a sweater dress that doesn’t have a tight waistline, and instead, use a belt to add some shape to the ensemble. I also love pairing my sweater dress with leggings, since it lends an air of coziness to the whole outfit, making it perfect for a night in with family and friends.

Photo from Elizabeth Tran
  1. Camisole + High-Waisted Trousers

For a more put-together Thanksgiving Day look, you can always try a classic camisole and high-waisted trousers combination! To avoid looking like you’re dressed for work, try opting for trousers in a fun print, such as houndstooth or plaid; this can make a professional outfit a lot more wearable. To add a feminine touch to the ensemble, I usually lean towards silk camisoles and lace details in softer colors, such as pale pink.

That wraps up some of my favorite Thanksgiving Day outfits! What are some of your favorite looks to wear during the holidays?