How to Spend Your Day Off, The Right Way

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Do you have a day off coming up? Rather than use this time to study or get ahead with school work, take some time for yourself, and do something enjoyable. Here are a few creative ways to spend those precious hours away from your busy schedule.

Movie Day? Yes Please.

One idea is to have a movie day. To start the day off right, begin by googling a delicious recipe for cookies, cupcakes, or rice krispy treats. Afterall, it isn’t movie day without a never ending supply of snacks.

While your treats are baking, take the time to set up the ambiance. A simple way to do this is to light scrumptious smelling candles around your home. I would also light my fireplace and grab a soft blanket to cuddle up to. This will create a warm, homely atmosphere in your home and keep you relaxed throughout the day. You can also open the blinds around your home to draw in natural light; you get bonus points if it’s raining outside, as this will reassure you of the decision to stay indoors, warm and cozy. Before turning on the television, make yourself a hot cup of homemade coffee. It’s your day off–you can have coffee as late in the day as you like!

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Once your sweets are baked and coffee is made, it’s time to either catch up on your favorite television or binge a brand new show. Currently trending shows on Netflix are You, Black Mirror, The Crown, and Stranger Things. If you’re looking for a comedy, I highly recommend Jane the Virgin, which is extremely hilarious, with just the right balance of corny and dramatic. If drama is your go-to, try out an episode of Gossip Girl or Being Mary Jane. Trending shows on Hulu are This Is Us, The Bachelor, and The Handmaid’s Tale, but my personal favorite is The Mindy Project. The show is guaranteed to keep you laughing non stop as well as wiping away a few tears.

Shopping Spree

If you’re interested in leaving the house on your day off, I strongly suggest going on a shopping spree. It’s the perfect opportunity to add to your winter wardrobe and possibly update your style! Buy what’s relevant to your weather reports this time of year–for me, that means stocking up on staple cardigans and a pair of black knee high boots.

Ice Skating

Looking for a more therapeutic way to spend your day? Clear your mind and visit a local ice skating rink. This is the perfect time to practice your skating skills and listen to great music. If you’re a beginner, make sure to dress in layers and prepare to fall a few times. Not only is ice skating a great workout, but it’s also a way to enjoy and celebrate the best parts of the winter season.

Self Maintenance

Last but not least, a productive way to spend your time off is to have a maintenance day. This can mean mani pedis, eyebrow waxing (or threading if that’s your thing), massages, or a routine blow out. How often are you able to spend an entire day taking care of yourself? Try out those highlights you’ve always wanted, or the new masseuse your co-worker recommends. When it comes to nails, I suggest a gel manicure. The color stays on for at least two weeks without chipping. Overall, a maintenance day is productive, enjoyable, and the healthiest way to spend a day off.