How to Replicate 1980s Fashion Trends

There has been a resurgence of iconic fashion trends from the past, and I am in love with the amazing styles that were popular in the 1980s. Read on to see my favorite trends from that era and how I’m wearing them today! 

Prairie Dresses 

Photo from Reformation

Prairie dresses are so romantic and pretty, making them absolutely perfect for the spring or summer! I also love how the cinched middle accentuates the waist for a fun and flirty look. I’m so glad that these dresses are trendy again, and I know that I’ll be wearing a lot of them when it warms up! 


Photo from Nordstrom Rack

Jumpsuits are another ‘80s wardrobe staple that I can’t get enough of. They make it super easy to put a look together, and I also love how flattering the silhouette is. The cinched waist and monochromatic color palette help to elongate the legs too, making them the perfect height and length without heels! 

High-Waisted Denim 

Photo from Pinterest

High-waisted jeans have been very popular in recent years and I can definitely see why. The high-waisted fit accentuates the waist and draws attention to the legs. I’m not sure I can ever go back to low-rise jeans because the high-waisted fit looks much more flattering. 


Photo from Pinterest

Aside from clothing, I’ve also seen a resurgence of accessories that were popular in the ‘80s, such as scrunchies! I prefer to leave my hair down, since tying it up too tightly can cause breakage and hair loss. When I exercise, though, I have to tie my hair up, so a scrunchie is a great alternative to a hair-tie. The way scrunchies are designed makes them a lot gentler for the hair so that you’re not tugging and pulling whenever you take it off. Plus, you can always make it a fashion statement by opting for a bright color or print! 

Oversized Glasses 

Photo from Pinterest

The trend that I can’t get over is oversized glasses. My mom still has a pair of these from the ‘80s and I prefer them over small glasses because they’re technically more functional. New frames are upgraded from their ‘80s counterparts and there are many options to choose from! 

Which decade’s fashion trends are your favorite and how do you recreate the iconic looks?