How to Prevent Losing Your Stuff

I always lose things right when I need them. The car keys or wallet when I’m about to leave; the socks that I just had in my hand to put on; my water bottle when I’m thirsty; my phone the minute I actually need to call someone—the list goes on and on. I’m sure I can’t be the only one who is as disorganized as I am when it comes to this stuff, so here are some of the tips I’ve tried to incorporate into my life to prevent misplacing my stuff.

My wallet and car keys are the most common items I lose track of on a daily basis. If you are similar to me with constantly misplacing specific items, I have a few suggestions. My first one is to try to make or designate a space to place certain items. For example, I have a little area right next to my front door with some hooks and a small table with a tray on it, which encourages me to place my wallet and keys there right as I enter my house.

This method sometimes helps me, but not always, so my second suggestion is to keep track of the common places you tend to leave the certain items you commonly use. Not only will it be helpful to have a few designated spots in mind to check out before having a mental breakdown, but chances are your housemates will notice a pattern as well. Don’t be embarrassed to ask them for help—they probably already know where your stuff is just based on your habits.

Lastly, try practicing mindfulness when keeping track of your stuff while getting ready to go somewhere or preparing to do something that requires specific items. I know this sounds cheesy, but trust me, pausing to mentally note where your things are can help. You can even physically write it down or type it out on your phone. Another trick I’ve heard of is to text yourself where you last put something important; if you forget, you can always check your texts.

Losing stuff sucks, and it can be extremely frustrating in a stressful moment. Try these tips out and see if they help you be just a little more organized!