How to Look Good on Date Night

Image source: Atlantic City Weekly

A perfect date night should be full of laughter, yummy food, and fun memories.

Now, you’re in your closet and you have two hours to get ready. What do you wear? What shoes go with which top? Do these jeans look cute? All of these thoughts flood your brain, and trust me, it can be incredibly overwhelming. Take a deep breath and realize that this night is suppose to be fun. After all, getting ready is the best part!

Makeup, a cute outfit, and the perfect pair of shoes can really make someone feel confident within themselves. If this is a date with someone you have a crush on, you want to make sure you look your best to impress them. I always think that simple makeup is the perfect way to feel comfortable in your own skin while feeling confident at the same time. I always say that less is more. So, when you are doing your makeup, keep in mind that it is designed to enhance your existing beautiful features, not cover them.

Outfit time! Since we are entering into the summer, I always love a cute flowy top with skinny jeans and heels. If you are planning on going to a nice dinner, make sure you bring a jacket of your choice in case you are seated outside. Comfy yet stylish heels are my go to item when I want to feel like a queen and trendy. It is essential to feel your best while rockin’ the perfect pair of shoes that complete the outfit. Make sure you can walk in your shoes without feeling uncomfortable. Believe me, nothing is worse than forcing yourself to walk in shoes that clearly aren’t made for a night hitting the town.

Always remember that date nights can be filled with nerves and excitement. It is completely normal to get that “butterfly feeling” in your stomach as you get ready. Regardless if this is your first date or not, creating fun memories is what it’s all about!

Now, put on your last layer of lip gloss and get ready to have a date night that is filled with laughter and smiles!