How to Be Happy

Image Source: Pinterest

Happiness is a choice in life. No matter where you are mentally or physically, there are the little appreciations around you that can honestly guide you to a better mindset. Although times can be tough and happiness can seem out of reach, there is an abundance of ways in which one can achieve a genuine smile. Now, keep on reading because I’m going to tell you my tips and tricks on how I maintain feeling grateful, happy and everything in between.

I wake up and start my day without checking my phone. And hey, I know this may be hard due to the fact that social media is a constant and our phones are never far. But, trust me, it can really change your outlook on your mornings that in return transcend into your daily routine. For me personally, if I am on my phone longer than 20 minutes, I start to feel the anticipated anxiety. I truly think that this unexplainable feeling stems from the idea that time is precious. When I waste my time scrolling through social media platforms, I begin to feel sorry for myself. I could have taken those 20 minutes to step outside and smell the roses… literally! So, I decided to do a little experiment that revolves around my morning routine. 

In the past, I would wake up and check my phone for 30 minutes. When I stopped doing this, I began to feel happier because I knew that I was taking my first 20- 30 minutes out of my day “off the grid.” In school, we are constantly on our laptops, phones and tablets. Not to mention, we have to sit in class looking at a projector while taking notes. Taking all of this into consideration, our eyes can become extremely tired throughout the day. So why add those extra 20 minutes of just pointlessly scrolling through social media? I am now happier in the mornings and from that, it begins to show during my day. I have less anxiety about time and more appreciation for the little things that I put my focus on during my first minutes of waking up. 

This brings me to my next piece of advice. Take time for yourself and do what makes you happy. Whether that might be skincare, which happens to be my favorite thing to practice, or reading a good poem, DO IT! Self care is everything and you must take it seriously. With social events, school and more, it can seem hard to put the time and effort into yourself. But, even just taking 30 minutes to have “me time” can genuinely make you happier. Think of it as a way to restart your mind and to relax. 

With all of this being said, I encourage you to do the little things in life that make you happy. Wake up with appreciation and stay “off the grid” until you have to be on your phone. Enjoy “me time,” and don’t forget to smile! You will feel better day by day and before you know it, you will feel genuinely happy.