How to Be a Smart Shopper

Image source: Lakeside Shopping

As someone who is extremely indecisive, shopping can be a stressful activity for me. Should I save or should I splurge? I love this top, but I have five others just like it at home! What should I buy? Questions like these can make shopping a dilemma for some, but in reality, there’s no need to fret. 

While splurging on everything you buy probably isn’t the best way to go about shopping, it is worth paying more for staple pieces that will never go out of style or for higher-quality items that will last longer. Things such as denim or leather jackets, or a nice, formal top and pants, are definitely ones that are worth spending more on. In contrast, it isn’t really worth it to spend a whole lot on trendy clothes, as trends come and go very quickly.

I recommend not having too much of any one type of clothing, just so you have room to switch up your style. I’ve found that having more clothes doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll have more outfits. Having a few staple items in your closet still gives you a lot of chances to get creative with your looks. For example, a solid pair of jeans can either be dressed up or down, depending on your top, shoes, or how you layer. It doesn’t have to take a million clothes to be fashionable—it really comes down to your creativity in how you want to change the vibe your clothes give off.

Also, since it is summer, be sure to check out your favorite stores for semi-annual sales! These promotions are where I’ve gotten a lot of affordable items that I initially didn’t want to buy because they were so expensive. Another useful tip is to buy clothes for one season in another seasonbecause those clothes aren’t in high demand, they’ll be a lot cheaper. 

With these tips, it’s time to shop ‘til you drop!