How “Someone Great” (2019) Influenced My Perspective On Love

Image Source: Twitter

Released to Netflix in 2019, Someone Great shocked many rom-com lovers, including myself. It is focused on the relationship of a long-term couple who realize their lives are going down different paths. It is extremely realistic compared to the thousands of other cheesy rom coms that have been released because there is no happy ending for the main couple, Jenny and Nate. But, in a bittersweet way, the characters get their own individual happy endings. 

I’ve always been a fan of romcoms, as they bring out my hopeless romantic side and allow me to see a side of love that’s usually only found in movies. I adore the sappy idea of hoping there is some grand soulmate who’s perfect and amazing in the way this genre portrays them to be. However, rom coms can be toxic when they set impractical goals and standards. 

Someone Great (2019) depicts that thinking love and relationships are perfect is far from realistic. When I first watched this movie my heart was absolutely shattered, and I vowed to never watch another rom-com with a sad ending again. I’ve watched this movie dozens of times since I made that promise. The more I rewatch it, the more I am able to understand love, relationships, and even myself. Love can suck sometimes, and heartbreak can feel like the worst pain ever. But this movie gives me hope that even when relationships unexpectedly end and the person we thought we’d be with forever becomes a stranger, we can still be whole. We still have so many personal life journeys to go on that sometimes, we need to lose people in order to find ourselves.

I’m really grateful for this film and its message. It shows the audience that some things aren’t meant to last, but that’s okay! We don’t need someone to complete us, and sometimes the person holding us back is right in front of us, even when they don’t mean to be. As much as the ending breaks my heart into pieces and makes me sob when I watch it, I hope there will be more movies like  Someone Great (2019) released in the future.