How Masks Have Become a Part of the Fashion Industry

Image from Visual Therapy

The fashion industry is ever-changing. What was popular a few weeks ago could be merely a fad now, as new styles and trends are constantly circulating the industry. There are many reasons why a new style could suddenly become trendy or seen as uncool—one of those reasons being the pandemic. If you compare fashion pre-pandemic to post-pandemic, there are various differences between the way people dressed and how they styled their looks. 


For starters, many different societies became accustomed to wearing masks during the brink of COVID. Soon after masks became normalized, people started to use these safety precautions as accessories. Some people even started incorporating the use of masks in streetwear fashion by matching their masks to their outfits, as shown below:

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Designer brands started coming out with masks, making them even more popular as accessories. Even though mask mandates are slowly becoming less regulated in certain countries, people are still wearing them and not always for safety purposes.


Before the pandemic, wearing masks when sick was common in places such as Japan. While people are starting to follow Japan’s norms even when they have a minor cold, many people are also using masks as an opportunity to spice up their outfits, as if they’re a purse or watch. 


Predicting fashion trends can be difficult, but wearing masks to be more fashionable may be the new fashion trend in the near future.