How I Stay Organized

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I’ve always loved organizing. There’s just something about a neat workspace and home that makes me feel more focused and productive. Whether you like organizing or not, you can’t deny all of the ways it helps you eliminate unnecessary clutter and stress while also making it much easier for you to find your stuff. Read on to see the easy ways I stay organized.

1. Keep a Planner

Keeping a planner isn’t for everyone since it can seem tedious and over-the-top. However, traditional print planners aren’t the only option on the market nowadays. There are plenty of digital calendars that are quite useful and easy to use.

If using a print or digital planner still seems a bit daunting, you can always start small and just jot down some notes with things that you have to do or important dates that you need to remember. The act of writing something down—whether it’s in a planner, on your phone’s calendar, or just scribbled onto a notepad—can help you remember.

2. Adopt the “Easy In, Easy Out” Method

This is something I always keep in mind when I am organizing my physical space. For example, one of the reasons why we tend to avoid reaching into the backs of our closets for older clothes is because they’re simply hard to reach. By organizing in a way that makes everything easy to take out and put back in, we trick our own minds into wearing or using everything we have at our disposal. This trick also makes cleaning up so much easier since we won’t have to shuffle through multiple bins every time we need to put something away.

3. Use Labels

Another great way to stay organized is through the use of labels, especially if we’re storing things in boxes or bins. The labels let us know what’s inside of the box or bin, so we don’t have to search through a bunch of them to find what we’re looking for.

4. Clean and Organize as You Go

One of my favorite things to do to maintain an organized space is to clean as I go. This sounds a lot fancier than what it really is, but trust me, it’s pretty simple to implement. For instance, if you take a pen out to jot down a note, make sure to put it back in the drawer once you’re done. Or, after coming home, make sure to put your shoes away in the shoe closet so that it’s easier for you to find them the next time you need to go out. There are so many little ways in which we can make our lives easier with just a few extra minutes of our time.