How I Stay Motivated

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Staying motivated with all the busyness in life is difficult. Getting up at 7:00 am for your 8:00 am class starts to seem pointless and too tiring. Going to office hours on top of class becomes too time-consuming. You’d rather take a nap than study. The list goes on. It’s easy to lose motivation, but it’s important to stay motivated. The key is not to burn out. Here are my best tips:

Take breaks – Don’t overpack your schedule. Make sure you’re taking adequate time for yourself. Find a time you can dedicate to doing something you like, something that relaxes you. We’re told to always be on the go, but this quickly leads to burn-out, which isn’t beneficial to anyone . . . especially yourself.

Remember your “why” – When you’re feeling unmotivated, remember your why’s; why you’re doing this, why you should do this, etc. Then, they’ll help you picture your future and how this challenge now will help you get to where you want to be later.

Inspirations! – Find inspirational quotes that you like. I like to write inspirational quotes and have them readily accessible. They keep me motivated and give me an extra boost of energy and determination!

I also want to note that it’s ok to take breaks. You should always prioritize your well-being. If you’re feeling too tired or burnt out, take a day off. You need your health and happiness in order to be your best!