How I Set Goals For Myself

Image via Insurance Relief

I personally love setting goals for myself: both short and long-term. Setting goals helps me manage priorities and gives me something to work towards. I write down each goal in detail and put it somewhere I will see every day. Most times, I use the “Stickies” app on my Mac laptop to write down my goals.

Some of my short term goals are:

  1.     Get my bachelor’s degree
  2.     Find a part-time job that is relevant to my future career
  3.     Volunteer at least 100 hours
  4.     Travel to at least one new state

Some of my long term goals are:

  1.     Graduate with a PhD
  2.     Go backpacking in Europe
  3.     Buy a house with a backyard
  4.     Be a blogger

For me, writing down my goals and reminding myself of them each day helps me stay focused and determined. I envision my future life, full of happiness and love. Picturing my goals motivates me to work hard now for a successful and bright future.