How Celebrities are Breaking Gender Norms

Image via Page Six

Gender roles revolve around accepted ideas of how men and women should act, speak, and dress. More and more people are now starting to become comfortable showing who they really are by how they do their makeup, clothing, color their hair, and more. As gender norms evolve and it becomes more accepted for a man to encompass feminine qualities and vice versa, celebrities have begun to break gender norms, too. Here are some celebrities that have been defying traditional gender roles and are becoming inspirations for people having a hard time displaying who they are!

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1. Harry Styles

Harry Styles has become quite popular for going against toxic masculinity. He has been publicly embracing his masculine side by ironically dressing in what people would describe as feminine clothing like dresses and skirts.

Image via Teen Vogue

2. Megan Fox

Megan Fox has been spotted outside with her children on multiple occasions. She sparked controversy when people first saw pictures of her allowing her son to wear a dress. While people might shame her parenting, I think it’s great that she’s allowing her kids to be kids and explore who they are and what they like.

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3. Blake Lively

There are numerous occasions where Blake Lively has worn a suit, and this is only one of them. She always rocks any suit that she wears, and many female celebrities started following in her footsteps after Blake started casually wearing suits.