Review: House of Night Series

Image Source: Yashu Pericherla

Kirsten and P.C. Cast’s House of Night series is a refreshing take on the “normal paranormal” genre. A vampire book transcending beyond the typical blood-thirsty creature of the night theme, House of Night is a twelve-book series filled not only with vampires but also romance, action, and the thralls of supernatural teenagedom.

Protagonist Zoey Redbird is marked to become a vampyre and relocated to the house of night, a private academy where fledglings are sent to hone their abilities before they turn into vampyres. While Zoey is amid the likes of other marked fledglings, she’s special. Chosen and favored by the Goddess Nyx, Zoey is gifted with a filled-in mark and a strong affinity for spirits. Part Cherokee and all snark, Zoey Redbird is a memorable protagonist and provides a unique and somewhat begrudging point of view for the reader.

The House of Night Series is especially interesting due to its somewhat unloveable protagonist. While Zoey’s story is fascinating and wonderful to experience, the reader can sometimes find themselves not agreeing with her opinions, which is not very common when it comes to protagonists or points of view. Furthermore, there are multicultural aspects stemming from some of Zoe’s Cherokee roots, as well as the equal parts action and romance that distinguishes this series from others lumped with it.

The House of Night series is for readers who want a new perspective of a classic plot, something true to tradition with its own spin. This is not your average vampire book, and that’s why you’ll love it.