Hot Tunes  

Image Source: Rachel Rambach

Music serves as a powerful weapon in many cultures. There’s music for every situation or occasion you could think of. Some examples include breakups, celebrations, peace, parties, workouts, romantic dates, praising, and anything really. For this article, I’m going to be discussing the best type of music to listen to during the summer to get you in the spirit and pumped for the season of fun!

My favorite type of music that always boosts my mood and gets me excited and pumped is regatón. This style of music consists of Latin fusion dance music that is typically characterized by hip-hop and rap (Oxford). I love this type of music because it’s certain to be the life of every party and gets you up and dancing. Whether you’re at a beach party, outdoor barbecue, or simply cleaning the house on a warm, beautiful day, regatón music is sure to boost your mood and get you feeling sizzling for the summer.   

Another type of music that puts you in the summer mood is EDM. EDM stands for Electronic Dance Music. This type of music is usually played at clubs or concerts, both of which are pretty common in the summertime. However, you don’t need to go to a concert or club to enjoy this type of music. EDM is great for listening to during a workout, on a night out with some friends, or in person during one of the many summer music festivals happening in the Bay Area!   

Lastly, a great genre to listen to during this time of year is Indie. Indie music is perfect for relaxation and presence. This type of music is great for listening to on a nature hike while taking a road trip with family, or while watching the sunset while rocking in a hammock eating s’mores and unwinding for the night, admiring the beauty and gift of summer.

There are so many wonderful music choices to listen to that fit right into the summer vibes spirit. So enjoy the summer, have fun, and do your best to incorporate a variety of hot hits in all your daily summer activities!