Home Remedy Hacks

Image Source: Purebread

During seasons where illnesses are common, it’s important to stay healthy and put a lot of good food and nutrients into your body. While home remedies can’t solve everything, they all include natural ingredients that are great for you and can help boost your immune system. Here are a few!

The first one that is pretty common is lemon with honey, which is great for building immunity and helping with sore throats. What I usually do is cut lemons into slices and then soak them in honey for a few days to bring out the juices. Then, I like to take a couple of slices and put them into a cup of warm water to drink in the morning as a sort of detox for my body. 

Another natural ingredient I love is garlic, and using it in your meals is a great way to include it in your diet. You can put it in stir fry and soup, or you can use it as a marinade or sauce for any other dishes you like. Garlic has a lot of health benefits and is helpful if you have a cold too. 

One last natural remedy I like is ginger, which is really good for your digestive system. You can either buy dried, candied ginger at the grocery store, or you can slice up ginger and cook it with some sugar at home. This is great because you can eat a few quick pieces here and there each day. I have a sensitive stomach and get heartburn sometimes, so I find that eating a bit of ginger every day helps to prevent that, rather than waiting until I have symptoms to eat it.

There are plenty of natural remedies out there, and it’s surprising how many ingredients we all have at home that can be so good for our bodies! It’s not too hard to find natural and inexpensive ways to keep ourselves healthy, so go out there and find your favorite home remedies!