Holidays Vlogs

Image Source: Business Line on Campus

2020 has been a very unexpected year to say the least. It is definitely hard to get into the same holiday spirit as every year, but there are a lot of ways to still have fun while staying safe. Sometimes, without physically interacting with others, it might feel lonely during the holidays. For the past few years, my friends and I have been sending  each other daily vlogs for every day of December. The vlogs can be anything from clips of us cooking  and eating to decorating a Christmas tree. A few days ago, I even sent my friend a vlog of me rating all the candles I have in the house! These videos are only 5-10 minutes long, but they help us stay connected and have fun. Although we have been doing this for years now, these daily vlogs are especially helpful this year as we can’t physically go out to see our friends. I would recommend everyone to do this because it is a fun way to see what your friends are up to while also staying safe.