Holiday Traditions

Image via Wilton

As December is starting, there are many winter activities and traditions I have to get me excited for the holiday season. My favorite tradition is to drive by Christmas-decorated houses with my family.

In high school, I was the Miss Anaheim Beautiful Teen Ambassador, and in that position, I was a judge in a Christmas decoration contest. I was given the opportunity to view some of the best-decorated houses in Anaheim, and since then, my parents and I drive by these houses every holiday season. Many residents of these houses are sitting outside while cars drive by, and I love interacting with them and listening to how their holiday season is going. My favorite house always gives my family hot chocolate when we stop by to see their lights.

Since I was two years old, my parents have bought me Christmas pajamas every year. They give me the pajamas on Christmas Eve and I wear them to bed that night and keep them on to open presents the next morning. I look forward to getting new Christmas pajamas every year as it gets me excited for the holidays and being able to spend time with my family. On Christmas Day, my parents and I sit around the Christmas tree and open presents. After this, we eat breakfast, get ready for the day, and head over to our family friend’s house to continue the rest of our Christmas celebrations.

At our friend’s house, we play Secret Santa and White Elephant. About eight years ago, one of my friends brought a blue robe for their White Elephant gift. The next year, the receiver of that robe regifted it and brought it as their White Elephant gift. Since then, we have brought the blue robe back for every White Elephant. It is hilarious to see who gets the robe each year. After Secret Santa and White Elephant, we all eat dinner while talking and telling stories. Our last activity of the night is splitting into teams and having a gingerbread house decorating contest. It brings me joy to be able to spend the holiday season with my family as I don’t get to see them as often as I wish.