Holiday Styling

This is a warm and welcoming time of the year where we treasure our time with family and enjoy our favorite holiday activities. The season is a time to experiment with new holiday looks and layering for chilly weather. If you are holiday-neutral or don’t know where to start with festive outfits, here are a few tips and items for looking your best.

Photo from LILY LULU

If you aren’t sure about what to wear, basics and neutrals are always a good call. For the wintertime, I suggest jewel tones and rich colors, such as indigo, sage green, mustard yellow, plum, charcoal grey, and ivory. These are lush and saturated colors that always elevate an outfit. Try picking out a statement item, like a blue Teddy coat or green skirt, and pair it with neutrals like black, grey, and white. Or if you feel like mixing, classic colors like green and red or blue and white are always elegant for holiday dinner.

Photo from Etsy

If you are feeling a bit more festive this year, there are options for themed accessories to celebrate the holiday spirit. Snowflake patterns are great for accent pieces, such as patterned tights and minimal jewelry. Etsy has a wide range of holiday-themed jewelry, like Christmas present earrings and Hanukkah necklaces. These pieces are tiny, cute, and perfect as an extra touch.

Photo from The Jeans Blog

Finally, if you are not a holiday person or don’t align with any religious field, dressing up to celebrate the wintertime is a great option for you. This season has some beautiful imagery and colors. Try wearing shades of white, grey, and blue for a put-together look. Oversized coats, scarves, mittens, and hats are all great accessories to experiment with. There are a wide variety of winter patterns and designs to choose from.

I hope you all have fun styling your winter looks!