Hobbies: Creativity in Nature

Image via Pixabay

Do you like to go on walks? Maybe you like to work on arts and crafts? A hobby that wonderfully balances nature with creativity and relaxation is creating art using your environment. Examples of this can include making shapes or images out of rocks, sticks and leaves, decorating your sidewalk with chalk, or even using sand and water to create designs on the beach.

What I like about this form of creativity is its flexible approach. Firstly, no supplies are necessary; materials are only limited by the physical surroundings. Secondly, I love the potential for spontaneity; not only can a person stop and create when inspiration strikes on a walk, but also, the temporality of the art itself garners respect and joy for living in the moment.

Lastly, anyone can do it, whether they are a beginner who is creating shapes or an advanced expert who spends hours planning and forming intricate projects.

After finishing a piece, there is a small sense of accomplishment, connection to the community, and gratitude to be able to experience this unique moment. If you are looking for a flexible, reflective way to connect with yourself, your community and your environment, finding creativity in nature is a great place to start. See you out there!