Review: High School

Image Source: Hip Hop 87

UMI’s “High School” is a nostalgic nod to all of our high school days. The lyrics “I didn’t even have my license yet” and “Do you remember how we used to go to Denny’s after school?” remind listeners of the simpler times when we just worried about school and relationships. Her infectious song almost makes high school seem enjoyable. Anyone can imagine themselves in high school through the lyrics; almost everyone was overconfident as a young underclassmen because they didn’t know much about life in general. This relatable aspect of the song makes it a fan-favorite.

The snap-clap-drum beat sets the bubbly tone for the song, and the 80s and 90s inspired production just adds to the grooviness. The real fun starts when the chorus begins—UMI harmonizes in the background, creating a dreamy ambiance about high school. The production alone can get just about anyone to start dancing and smiling.

“High School” is a bittersweet song; it reminds listeners of their younger innocence, but also allows them to acknowledge that they grew as people—after all, they “didn’t even know what love was.” Maybe it was because this song was lo-fi r&b, or because of the simplicity of life it reminded me of, but I loved “High School” and would highly recommend it.