He’s Beauty, He’s Grace, He’s Gus Dapperton

Image Source: Paper Plane Records International

Gus Dapperton is iconic; a 20 year old musician from Warwick, New York with a quirky sound and style, he rocks a short bowl haircut and has the confidence to sport bold nail polish, vivid eyeshadow, and avant-garde clothing.

His style is not the only thing that places him apart from others; his music, just like his clothing choices, is extremely unique. Mellow yet funky, ambient yet loud, Dapperton’s music provides the listener with a transcendental, daydreamy atmosphere that takes you back to summer days, lemonade in hand, skin burning from the heat.

Released in February 9th, 2018, “You Think You’re a Comic!” is the second EP by Dapperton following “Yellow and Such.” Both are available on streaming sites.

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