Healthy Hair Treatments!

Image Source: Nature of Nature

Hair. There are endless ways to dye it, style it, and add decorations to it. We are often worried about how our hair is presented, but we should also pay more attention to how we treat it. 

Besides using a good shampoo and conditioner, there are other ways you can rejuvenate your hair to keep it looking healthy and shiny. I like to use hair masks. I found out about them a couple years ago, and have been making them using ingredients at home. You don’t have to have severely damaged hair to apply a hair maskusing all natural ingredients on your hair is good for it, regardless of the condition it is in. 

These treatments help deep clean your hair, put some life back into it, and help it grow back stronger. You can choose to buy them, or you can make them at home with a few simple ingredients. I like to mix together coconut oil, honey, and an egg for my masks. I know it sounds weird to add an egg in there, but egg yolks help repair hair damage. After you combine the ingredients together, you apply it all over your hair in sections and then pin it up and leave it to sit for an hour. Then, you can wash it all out carefully, shampoo and condition your hair, and you’re all set. 

I went through a phase where my hair was extremely dry, but after applying these treatments once every couple of weeks, my hair started looking and feeling better. I highly recommend hair masks if you are looking for a good way to maintain your hair and keep it looking great!